The Selling Divas are a group of over 1,000 experienced marketers. We know the way, go the way, and show the way! (John C. Maxwell).

As with any group this large, some are more experienced than others. Some are more creative than others, some are more technological than others...point being, WE HELP EACH OTHER.

This is an amazing group to be in! The Selling Divas & The Bellamora Divas are a sisterhood! We help each other out, we work together, we laugh together, and we are supportive of each other.

The Selling Divas (Created by Gina Kevorkian), is a wonderful place on the internet where we have had customers come to us, people wanting into our businesses come to us, and friendships for life! Gina goes through a lot of work sending out email fliers for our specials and holidays, hosting product driven webinars for us, and most of all, all the hard work she has put into The Selling Divas, and Bellamora Divas websites.

The Selling Divas and Bellamora Divas have quickly become known on the internet! Even at events attended, people know "THE SELLING DIVAS!"

Gina is an amazing woman, and if you wish to be part of either The Selling Divas, or The Bellamora Divas websites, leave a message here, and you will receive a reply. Be sure to include your email in the message!