The Binar Comp Plan

The Binary Compensation Plan is used by many companies. Bellamora's is far more competitive then many others out there. The Binary is the simple concept of get 2 people, and they get 2, and so on...but why stop at 2 when your objective is to build the largest team possible. Will some of them drop out? Of course!

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Retail Income
You can buy the 5 piece skin care system wholesale for $119 and sell it retail for $199 = $80 profit!
Monthly Income Potential:
Develop 1 retail customer per week =
4 customers x $80 = $320 a month!

Preferred Customer Income
You buy wholesale for $119 and sell it to a preferred customer Automatic Delivery Program (ADP) for $159 = $40 profit!
Monthly Income Potential:
10 preferred customer on ADP x $40 = $400 a month residual!
100 preferred customers on ADP = $4,000 a month residual!
Because the skin care system gives immediate and lasting results, distributors and customers will continue using the product, which equals a secure monthly residual income for you!

Refer 3 and Yours is FREE
When you have 3 preferred customers on monthly ADP your skin care system is FREE!

Fast Start Bonuses
Sign up a rep with a fast start pack and you earn the following:
$199 Basic Pack - You earn a $50 bonus
$299 Premium Pack - You earn a $100 bonus
$499 Ultimate Pack - You earn a $250 bonus

Binary Team Income
1. Build only two teams 1 left & 1 right
2. Easiest pay plan - anyone can get 2
3. Spillover creates cash flow, excitement & encourages teamwork
4. Mathematically pays out the most money of any comp plan to the field
5. You earn 10% on the TOTAL business in your lesser team to INFINITY!
6. Join our Diva's team and you'll have the benefit of one of your teams growing from our efforts!

Business Center Maximizer
When you maximize your first business center, Bellamora then gives you up to 3 more business centers, for FREE, so you can earn up to $40,000 a week, which equals over 2 million dollars a year!

Matching Cash Bonuses
With matching cash bonuses you will receive a percentage match on your personal enrollment teams binary cash up to 10 generations = 100% total!
You can qualify to earn up to a staggering 100% total matching bonus, on your personally enrolled reps.

Leadership Bonus Pools
At the Presidential ranks you will share in a corporate bonus!

Dream Car Bonus
Up to a $1,500 per month luxury car allowance!

Dream Home Bonus
Up to a $3,000 per month luxury home allowance!

In addition to everything the company offers you, with our Leader's team you have a few perks!

1. A team of experienced network marketers on your side helping your business grow quickly!
2. A large, very large team ready to share knowledge with you!
3. Extra websites, lead capture pages, 24/7 training website for you and your new associates!

Bottom line, if you are ready to finally have true financial freedom our Diva's Team is where you want to position yourself with Bellamora!