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Bellamora And Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a challenging, yet gratifying career opportunity where your income is based on your effort. It is NOT a simple, "get-rich-quick" scheme.

Network Marketing allows you to be your own boss. You work at your own pace and choose your own hours to achieve the rewards YOU want to reach.

Network Marketing can be a profitable home-based business, that will allow you to achieve all of your familys goals and dreams.

Bellamora International Group is currently unveiling a business and product opportunity to the marketplace.

The Bellamora product line is based on a powerful burn cream formulation that was discovered by Dr. Bruce Miller. Dr. Miller discovered the formula while he was working on a topical treatment to help with skin viruses. In a strange twist of fate, the formula was put to the test when Dr. Miller experienced severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns in a hot tub accident.

Doctors that were treating Dr. Miller were amazed as the burns healed with no visible scarring and no need for plastic surgery.

Having witnessed first hand the skin repairing properties of the formula, Dr. Miller set out to adjust the formula so that it could be used as a cosmetic line.

Rejuvenation of the natural properties of the skin, is the primary focus of the Bellamora product line. With emphasis on eliminating the signs and effects of aging, the company has put together several anti aging skin products combination packs that are meant to achieve a younger, healthier look. At the core of each of these products is the patented formulation that Dr. Miller had originally discovered.
Bellamora utilizes a combination of the traditional direct sales model and the newer network marketing models that are highly complimentary to the online marketing strategies of the modern era.

The familiar elements of retail sales and preferred customer sales are present in the business model, encouraging retail sales are through the use and demonstration of product samples. In addition, there is an opportunity to receive compensation from other Bellamora distributors.

In addition to traditional sales, the company has chosen to structure its compensation plan on a binary compensation model. This model has quickly become a favorite amongst online network marketers, because of the speed in which an organization can be built.

The company adds to this line of thinking by presenting an overview of the power of two in building a business. Included in this compensation plan are fast start bonuses for new distributor enrollments, with the bonus being based on the start up package that the new distributor chooses.

There are also team bonuses and matching bonuses built into the compensation plan. For those distributors who achieve a high level of performance, incentives such as an automobile are also available.

One of the unique features of the Bellamora compensation plan occurs when a distributor reaches the maximum level of compensation for their existing business center. The company will give that distributor 3 additional business centers at no additional charge. This increases the ceiling before a distributor would max out the compensation plan. This feature may not be of great interest on the front end, but in the years to come may be a valuable asset to some of the company’s top level distributors.
For a limited time, joining the Bellamora family is completely free of charge. You can get the product, also free, included free shipping. You will not even need credit card information to join.

Bellamora - Biggest Pre-Launch Ever, with NO cost and FREE Samples

Bellamora - Biggest Pre-Launch Ever, with NO cost and FREE Samples

Bellamora Science & Story
Twenty years ago, Bruce Miller, a renowned doctor, discovered the powerful Bellamora formulation by accident. While combining several chemicals to create a topical treatment for skin viruses, he discovered a new burn cream formulation that ultimately would be used to treat acne, burns, skin blemishes and wrinkles.

The Doctor and a retired Chemist, with Johnson & Johnson, have been improving the burn cream formulation for over 20 years with over $8 million dollars dedicated to research and development.

It is a patented OTC formula in the U.S. and meets all requirements for FDA approval.

Bellamora Market Trends

Bellamora is a business of choice  if you choose to succeed and make the small sacrifices up front, you will not have to sacrifice your dreams. By positioning your business in front of a worldwide audience, it can be as big and successful as you want it to be. It all depends on you. Below are just a few reasons why:

• People want to control how they look and age

• People want to control their financial future

• The health and beauty industry represents over $500 billon worldwide

What is Bellamora? Bellamora is a new direct sales company based in Tampa Florida, USA that offers an exclusive skin treatment line. There is currently no competition for what they offer. The skin care market is a $300 billion dollar Industry worldwide.
Why is the Bellamora Skin Treatment line exclusive to Bellamora? Dr. Bruce Miller and retired Johnson and Johnson chemist, Dr. Richard Kronenthal have taken the formula used to help heal skin burns and applied it to the Bellamora Cellular Skin Repair Cream and the Bellamora Skin Renewal Exfoliant.
What makes Bellamora products work? The reason the Bellamora products work is they penetrate below the surface of the skin. The Cellular Skin Repair Cream has collagen added to help fill in fine lines and thus help reduce wrinkles. The Exfoliant Skin Renewal actually peels off dead and dry skin allowing for a smoother feeling skin.  And Bellamora's exfolliant is not gritty!  It is almost gel like, a very nice surprise if you've ever tried our competitors exfolliants!
There's a true story to Bellamora! It all starts with Bruce Miller and you might say it all happened quite by accident. See this video:http://www.bellamora.com/video/index.html for the Bellamora Story.
Next, watch this video by Allison Lamarr. Allison has quite a success record of her own with Mary Kay.  She left her Director position at Mary Kay to come over to join and train those at BELLAMORA!
Think about why she would now be representing Bellamora knowing what she has accomplished with Mary Kay.
  • Bellamora is free to join.
  • Bellamora will provide free biz opp leads to its members
  • Bellamora will send you a free sample without any shipping cost or payment information
  • Bellamora has a marketing system already in place 
  • Bellamora is spending two million on this "free launch" this is a company that puts their money where their mouth is!
  • Bellamora is going to give a BILLION DOLLARS back to the representatives.
  • Bellamora Products are already in house and ready for shipment.
  • Bellamora Comp Plan will pay money to the Bellamora Distributors than any other company in the industry!
Why would Bellamora do this?   Send free samples even paying for the shipping? Why would Bellamora allow us to build our Teams over two months before they even pre-launch? Because the product works! Because they want to be one of the fastest growing mlm's ever, certainly for 2011. Could Bellamora be the fastest growing company in history to payout One billion dollars to its members? Listen, Bellamora is the real deal and if you are ready for a lucrative business, you should seriously think twice before you pass on this. Can you imagine sharing this product with a few of your friends and they lay down their money 15 minutes later? I can. Procrastinate at your own risk on this one! 
Bellamora will launch on January 15th, 2011?
Can you buy samples or product before the pre-launch? Yes. They did not originally plan on doing this, however, people want to see the Bellamora Product Kits and know if the company has product or not.
What will the Bellamora Product Kits consist of? They will contain the 5 piece product line, samples of the products and a distributor kit.
What are the Bellamora Products? They are the Bellamora Collagen Cellular Repair an Anti-Wrinkle Cream, the Bellamora Advanced Skin Renewal Exfoliant, the Bellamora Multi-Vitamin Moisterizer, the Bellamora Purifying Refreshing Toner and the Bellamora Gentle Clarifying Cleanser.
Will the Bellamora Products be available individually? Yes.
Have the Bellamora products been tested on any animals? No
Are the Bellamora Products all natural? No. The formula involved with the Burn Repair is a chemical formulation and would you not use it on burns because it's not natural?
Will there eventually be other Bellamora products? Yes
How much will it cost to be a Bellamora distributor? At launch, you must purchase at least one starter Kit for $199.00
Are there other starter Packages? Yes, $299.00 and $499.00.
What will the Bellamora autoship be? $120.00
What will qualify you for commissions? To be an active member (on the automatic renewal program) and to personally enroll an active member on your left and right leg. You must remain an active distributor( having the $120.00 product auto shipped to you every month) to earn your downline comissions. If you become inactive, your commissions will go up to the representative above you.
What will qualify you for "matching bonus" checks? The above and achieving enough volume in your group.
When will new samples arrive? The new samples should be expected in your mailbox THIS WEEK (DEC 9,2010) If you have been signed up, and do not receive your samples this week, please call corporate!
Will the samples be like the first 20,000, in tubes? Apparently not. The new samples will be in little packettes designed to last a couple of days. I believe you will get 2 sample packets. (NOT SURE)
How much will samples cost to buy? There will be three choices: $65.00, $125.00 and $200.00. Apparently for $65.00 you'll get 20 samples each of the Collagen Cream and the Exfolliant. Probably in the .05 oz size, but not sure.
Will Bellamora really provide its members leads? Yes. Retail and Opportunity
Will Bellamora have a marketing system in place? They already do. It's called MyBellamora.
How will Bellamora Marketing System work? People who view your Bellamora video or other website pages, you can receive an email or text message allowing you to contact them right after they view it.
How much will the marketing system cost? Right now it is free. However, when it is fully operational, it will cost $19.95 a month.
Is there an annual automatic renewal fee? Yes, there is. A ten dollar charge will be required on your join anniversary date.
Is the Bellamora Comp Plan patented? Yes. The Bellamora Binary Comp Plan gives you a market advantage over every other Company in the network marketing Industry.
What does this mean? It means it can't be used by any other MLM.
Do other MLM's have patented comp plans? Yes, but most binary plans do not show customers nor give benefits for having customers who are not end customers not belonging to the Pay Plan like the Bellamora Binary. Any normal Binary is old fashioned and you may lose your income because the Law shuts it down.
How will Bellamora commissions be paid? They will be paid by The Bellamora International Group Debit Cards.
Is the Bellamora Story really true? According to Brian McLane, before he became part owner of Bellamora, he personally went to Costa Rica and not only checked every thing out but talked with and asked for signed statements that it was all true and accurate.
Should you wait to join Bellamora? What on earth for? Even if you don't want to work the business side of it, don't you at least want to try the products?  I can see hesitating if you paid for the shipping, but you don't. There's no charge for anything and there's no credit card needed.
Join Bellamora with THE BELLAMORA DIVAS
 and lock in the best possible position today!

Should you wait for your sample to arrive before you start to get the word out and enroll other people? If you are planning on being a retail or preferred customer, yes, you should wait. However, if you plan to enroll to earn an income, why would you wait and let this "free launch" trial period pass you by. If you can't get people in for free, will you be able to get them at a price?
At what level do you start earning matching bonus checks? Silver rank.
How much volume must you have to earn Bellamora Binary commissions? $500.00
How much do you earn in your Binary? 10% of everything on your weakest leg when you qualify.
How much is flushed when you get paid on your Bellamora Binary? The exact amount.
Are your commission volume dollars equal to real dollars? Yes. So if you spend $120.00 the CV is $120.00
When will the free leads program start, when can you order samples and when can you order a starter kit? NOW!!   http://lisacorkern.samplebellamora.com